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2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Calendar 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CALENDAR]

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree programs with majors in Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Biological Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Forensic Science, Integrative Neuroscience, Integrated Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics. These programs are highly focused on subjects relevant to emerging areas of science knowledge and practice. Specializations within these majors are designed to further students’ scientific understanding and hone their skills and knowledge in significant areas of scientific study. 

In all programs, minors are available in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Computational Science. Students in the Applied and Industrial Mathematics program, and the Physics program also have the option of a minor in Finance , offered by the Faculty of Business and Information Technology. 

In keeping with the university’s mission to prepare students for careers, our science programs emphasize the development of leadership skills. The university offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science and Management (Honours) degree in all Faculty of Science majors and specializations. Faculty of Science students enrolled in the Co-operative Education program are also eligible for the Management program. This degree provides students with an opportunity to combine their interests in science with business management skills. Graduates gain a solid foundation in the key functional areas of business and management, including finance, accounting, operations, project management and marketing.

In addition, academic programs in the Faculty of Science include the opportunity for experiential learning. Co-operative education (or co-op) provides up to twenty months of career-related experience, making the academic programs richer and more meaningful. Co-op not only develops intellectual growth through the application of theoretical principles learned in the classroom to real world problems, but also enhances personal growth by helping students to develop the knowledge, perspective, and confidence to transform their lives. The co-operative education option is available in all Faculty of Science majors and specializations, with the exception of the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science (which has an embedded experiential component).

Faculty and staff at Ontario Tech University come from diverse academic backgrounds and are excited to share their knowledge and life experiences with students. To view a list of Faculty of Science faculty and staff members visit or the faculty website

Master of Science and PhD programs in Applied Bioscience, Computer Science, Materials Science, and Modelling and Computational Science are offered at the university. More information regarding graduate programs at the university is available online at To learn more about our program offerings available to undergraduates, click the links below. 


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