May 30, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Calendar 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CALENDAR]

Faculty of Health Sciences

In the Faculty of Health Sciences, students acquire the foundations for excellence in theory and practice along with the lifelong learning, research, teamwork and leadership skills essential for a successful career in the health field. The degree programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences are designed to prepare graduates for rewarding careers in the 21st century. Our programs address the broad determinants of human health including clinical factors and predisposition to health conditions, social, political and economic environments, and the individual’s characteristics and behaviours. The faculty is committed to promoting the health of individuals, their families and communities at local, provincial, national and international levels.

The faculty provides state-of-the-art, technically-enhanced laboratories and facilities. Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences will benefit from the university’s technology-enriched learning environment.

There is a strong research focus on community health issues which is enhanced through partnerships with local hospitals, health providers, public health organizations and social service agencies. At the undergraduate level, clinical placements and health-related practicums offer students a practical and guided experience that exemplifies aspects of the collaborative research process. 

Faculty and staff at Ontario Tech University come from diverse academic backgrounds and are excited to share their knowledge and life experiences with students. To view a list of Faculty of Health Sciences faculty and staff members visit or the faculty website To learn more about our program offerings, click the links below. 


    Bachelor of Health Administration (Honours)Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours)College-to-University Transfer